orthodontics for children

An early examination at the age 7-8 years allows us to determine the best time to start the orthodontic treatment. In some cases, early treatment achieves results that are not possible once the face and jaws have finished growing.

Several problems normally wait until a child has reached their puberal growth spurt, but each child is different.

Removeable appliances are working together with your growth to get more space in case of crowded teeth or to regulate growing of face and jaws in the right direction.

Fixed appliances (braces) are able to regulate the position of your teeth perfectly and to make special movements which are not possible with removeable appliances. In this cases growth is often necessary to get better results in bite and profile.

orthodontics for adults

Orthodontic treatment of adults is still possible. We work together to find best solutions for you and your individual case in a special schedule where you can ask whatever you want and tell us your personal wishes.

We will look at both your health and your teeth and, according to your condition, apply different possibilities of treatement (removeable or fixed appliances). We will recommend esthetical braces for a nearly "invisible" treatment, so you will feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time of therapy.